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Appel à candidatures Dutch Design Week 2023

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This year, there are two deadlines and two assessment moments:

    • Projects submitted by 15 May (23:59), we will assess by 1 June. Please note that projects that are outdoors and/or require a permit must be assessed during this period. Also, if you have a project for which you still want to apply for funding, it is wise to apply early.
    • Applications received between 16 May and 16 June (23:59) will be assessed before 30 June.
    • If you are graduating this year and want to participate in DDW, you have until 30 June to apply. From 1 July, the possibility to apply as a graduate also closes and you can no longer register.
    • Please note: the earlier you submit a project, the more time to find and secure a suitable location for your presentation.

Application process

There are four steps in the application process. We will take you through each step.

Step 1

The first step is to register your project via Mijn DDW. Don’t have an account yet? Please register first. Once you have an account and are logged in, go to ‘projects’ in the left menu and click on ‘new application’. Fill in as much information as possible; so we can assess your project.

Before filling in the form, we recommend that you go over this information:

Good to know:

  • You can only submit a project via My DDW.
  • Projects we receive via e-mail or incomplete forms cannot be accepted and we will not evaluate them.
  • We advise you to copy your answers into a separate document and save them in the meantime.
  • Your project is not submitted until you have completed everything and clicked the ‘Submit project’ button.

Step 2

Have you submitted your project and has your project been approved? Great! Then it’s time to find a suitable location. Read more about finding a location that suits your project, specify where you will exhibit and link that location to your project.

Step 3

Submit your location, project title and the name of your organisation by 11 August at the latest, for correct listing on the floor plan. After submitting your location, a form will appear in your My DDW account to this end. Please note that we only list 9-day exhibitions on the floor plan.

Step 4

The final step: filling in your project information for the programme on the website. An important step, because this is the info all visitors and press see. DDW uses your project data for various (communication) purposes. Please make sure you fill it in as completely as possible. The programme will be online from 1 September 2023. Upload your details before then, otherwise a blank page will appear with your project.

Important dates

  • Monday 3 April: start Call for Entries
  • Monday 15 May: first round of applications (evaluation before 1 June)
  • Friday 16 June: second round of applications (evaluation before 30 June), plus closing Call for Entries
  • Friday 11 August: deadline for submitting location, project title and organisation name for floor plan
  • Thursday 31 August: deadline for uploading project information for online DDW programme on


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