REcentre focuses on pilot projects that centre around the theme of food and on the question of how small-scale initiatives can be an altenative to the current, non-sustainable, industrialized food production system.

REcentre conducts research, in collaboration with other parties, into the potential of a so-called autonomous local food system and tries to tackle issues regarding food production, distribution and consumption. Main goal is to inspire both the consumer as professionals to adopt a more conscious and active attitude towards food. The first pilot projects take place in and around Maastricht, NL.


The Food Programme starts the year with a mapping of the Maastricht region in terms of food production. Limburg is known for it’s high quality production of various regional products such as apple syrup, fruit juices and even wine. But what does the region actually produce? And, more important, where does this produce go to?

REcentre aims to make these current ‘food-logistics’ more visible.


In collaboration with Marres and other local partners, REcentre will launch a pop-up restaurant that serves food from local producers only. During the gastronomy event Preuvenemint 2011 Marres’ original function as a city farm/estate will be revived. By presenting this pop-up restaurant that will get it’s produce from the ‘city garden’ in the broadest sense we create a space where local residents as well as professional chefs can actually experience what it is to eat more locally. This initiative contributes to the communication around regional production and shorter food circuits with more direct contact between consumer and producer. Design forms an important link in this communication process, through design the story behind products can be told: where does the food on your plate come from, how far did it have to ‘travel’, why is this a local product etc.

The restaurant is not only a communication tool but also a catalyst to inspire consumers, designers and other professionals from the food business to look differently at the local possibilities in terms of production, distribution and consumption.


During the year REcentre will establish various partnerships with local parties to organise and take part in public projects.

As of February 2011 REcentre is one of the three local partners in the course ‘Nature and the City; The Politics of Community Gardening and Urban Farming’ that runs until June at the Maastricht University. 

Coming May REcentre organises a workshop for the i_beta festival in Heerlen. The festival focuses on implementing global developments in e-culture, design, art and society on a regional scale. Main goal is to connect the local creative industry to other organizations such as educational networks, local governements and SMB.

In autumn of this year REcentre will be part of the workshop programme of The Great Indoors Award, an international design event that takes place in Maastricht, NL in November.

REcentre opens temporary park in Maastricht (NL)

After all the inspirational bottom-up projects that were shown (and still are being shown) in our exhibition Re-Action! we decided it is time to take action ourselves!

REcentre will open soon, together with Marres Projects, a temporary park in the city centre of Maastricht.