DoDesign and Brems challenge students of the MAD faculty

From the 26th until the 30th of March 2012, students Product Design of the MAD faculty are searching for new applications for the sustainable Scandinavian pinewood  ThermoWood. This pinewood becomes, through a heating up to more than 200 ° C during a specific thermal process, as weather-proof as a valuable tropical hardwood. ThermoWood is distributed by Brems (Halen, Be).

Brems is one of our Sustainable Success Stories. You can read the article in English, Dutch or French.

For this project week Brems and the design tool DoDesign challenge the students to seek more applications for this type of wood. Currently the material is mainly used in applications such as terrace floors. In order to find out, the students will use the design tool Dodesign that will be officially launched at the end of 2012. Using this tool, the students understand the material properties, processing techniques, but also the intrinsic qualities and the shortcomings of Thermowood. The links in the tool may inspire them to experiment with unexpected combinations of materials and techniques. After coming up with innovative concepts, they go into the studio of the school to make prototypes or models.

Course of project week:

March 26: Company tour and introduction to the material, concepts (Brems Halen).

March 27 to 30: Develop concepts, building models (MAD-faculty, campus C-mine)

March 30: Presentation of the results to Brems (MAD-faculty, campus C-mine)