Sustainability at School

Here you can find the invitation for the Sustainability at School exhibition in Liège.

Milk the Green Cow

Here you can find the invitation for the Milk the Green Cow seminars.

ECODESIGN, an asset for our companies

Here you can download the invitation for the ECODESIGN exhibition in Liège.


Sustainability at School

Here you can find the catalogi of Sustainability at School.

ECODESIGN, an asset for our companies

You can find the catalogue of the ECODESIGN exhibition here.


Luigi Ferrara - Institute without Boundaries

Here you can find the presentation of Luigi Ferrara of Institute without Boundaries during the Cumulus conference in Media & Design Academy Genk in May 2010.

Presentations Milk the Green Cow

Download the presentations of Milk the Green Cow day one, two an three here.

Presentations of Stefaan Vandist on sustainable marketing can be found on his site.

Workshop MVO

During the Portfolio Night on the 19th of November 2010 in Media & Design Academie Genk, REcentre held a workshop on 'Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen (MVO)'. You can find the Dutch presentation here.

Workshop Humin - sustainability

Humin is a project on user centered design. Humin brings designers together with companies to coach them. REcentre co-edited a presentation on sustainability for them.

John Thackara on A-Z lezingen

Here you can download the presentation of John Thackara on A-Zlezingen.

Milk the Green Cow

Presentations from the speakers on the three Milk the Green seminars and workshops.

You can find the presentations from Stefaan Vandist on his Slideshare.


Presentations from the Drinkraantjeswater lab'eau workshop.


Eco Packaging Seminar

Presentations from the Eco Packaging Seminar, in French.


L' éco-conception: un avantage concurrentiel

Plutôt que de s'acharner à contourner les lois environnementales, les entreprises n'ont-elles pas intérêt à en faire un avantage concurrentiel? C'est précisément ce que pensent le Groupe Casino et La Poste.

Crosstalks - we can change the weather

REcentre is changing the weather too and is proudly part of the stories in the VUB's 4th book of Crosstalks, We can change the Weather.

Urban farming

Here you can find a selection of books on Urban Farming.

Sustainable Design

Our selection of books about sustainable design.

Creative industry

Our selection of books on Creative Industry.

Community gardens

Our selection of books on Community Gardens.


Is your product really sustainable?

This tool and website (in French) by Ecocompare makes it easy to verify if your product really is ecological.

Open Raam

Sirris, Universiteit Antwerpen, K.U. Leuven-MRC and VITO are committed to contribute to a more sustainable use of materials within Flanders' industries.
With the support of EFRO and the Flemish government, Open Raam wishes to inspire and support all companies with innovations for a more sustainable use of materials or for a more sustainable processing of materials. 

NAIM / Bureau Europa

Bureau Europa is the Architecture Institute of Maastricht. 


Z33 is a house for contemporary art. Through projects and exhibitions Z33 makes the visitors look at everyday life in a new way. Artists confront visitors with impressions and experiences that encourages them to look differently at everyday aspects from the lives of every person.
Z33 is an initiative of the government of the Belgian region Limburg and it is situated closely to Brussels, London and Amsterdam.

Wallonie Design

Wallonie Design est le trait d'union entre design et entreprise. Notre objectif premier est de jouer un rôle de passerelle, de trait d'union entre le monde du design et celui de l'entreprise car, hormis les secteurs de la mode, de l'automobile ou de la décoration et de l'ameublement intérieur, force est de constater que le monde de l'entreprise et celui du design restent malheureusement éloignés et se connaissent bien peu.

Designplatform Limburg

Designplatform Limburg is a network assembling educational and research organisations, designers and companies working with or within the design sector in Belgian Limburg.

Sustainable Every Day

The Sustainable Everyday Project (SEP) proposes an open web platform to stimulate social conversation on possible sustainable futures… The SEP network is organized around 3 core activities. Site by Ezio Manzini.

Doors of Perception

Since its inception, Doors of Perception has brought together grassroots innovators, entrepreneurs, educators, and designers who want to imagine alternative futures - sustainable ones - and take design steps to realize them. Blog by John Thackara.

Institute without Boundaries

The Institute without Boundaries at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada is a centre of research and learning focused on design innovation and inter-professional collaboration.


Massive Change

It’s not about the world of design. It’s about the design of the world. Massive Change is a blog about how to design the world to be a better place.

MVO Vlaanderen

MVO is Flanders' knowledge centre on socially responsible business. 


Optimo is a discussion platform for industrial furniture producers and designers. 


Humin is a programme developed for Flemish SMEs and start-ups that creates competitive advantage through people centred innovation. Initiated and sponsored by Limburg/Genk, Design Region Kortrijk, and FlandersInShape, Humin puts design at the heart of every business, enabling Flemish managers to become more effective and more successful. 

Flanders In Shape

Flanders In Shape is the Flemish competence centre for product development and industrial design


OVAM, the Public Waste Agency of Flanders, has developed the Ecolizer, a unique eco-design tool. It is intended to be used by designers and companies that are seeking to estimate the environmental impact of the products they design.


Materio is a centre that gives information on materials and innovating products.  

Do Design

Do Design is a (flemish) tool for designers. It links materials to techniques and focuses on sustainability. 

Vision 2050 - World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Vision 2050 addresses thought-provoking questions like:

Basic references and data sources on sustainable development and sustainability

This list provides in som basic references and data sources on sustainable development and sustainability.

Sustainability and Design

Our selection of websites on sustainable design.

Creative Industry

Our selection of websites on Creative Industry.


Our selection of websites on sustainable tools and calculators.

Food and Urban farming

Our selection of websites on Food and Urban Farming.


Les Belges veulent du vert

Les belges veulent du vert
Acheter “éco-responsable” pourrait bientôt devenir la normalité.
Un article de Grégoire Comhaire
(La libre Belgique 18/03/2010)


Trendspotting: Sustainable design in Milan

Trendspotting (a VPRO television show in the Netherlands) went to the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010 in Milan to discover true sustainable products on the prestigious fair.

Sustainability at School the movie

REcentre presents Sustainability at school - the movie featuring Luigi Ferrara from Institute without Boundaries, Natascha Rommens from REcentre, some teachers and students and many others.

Story of Stuff

Where does our stuff come from? Do we need all that stuff? Watch the movie here!

Sustainable Success Stories

Beyond the Hype: Sustainable Success Stories

Click on the image to start reading.

Report Sustainable Summer School 2011 by REcentre & Institute without Boundaries