Design Competition water carafe

06.01.10 - 01.03.10

Six Euregional designers were assigned to design a sustainable water carafe. REcentre selected the experienced designers, brought in extra expertise on sustainable design and on water.
On the 10th of June 2010 a jury of professionals and experts judged the closed design competition.REcentre invited Linde Hermans (BE), Jan Hoekstra (BE), Hegge ID (BE), Jean-François D’Or (BE), François Royen (BE) en Gorissen & Deponti (NL).
During the design trajectory REcentre organized a workshop on water and sustainability – under the flag of REcentre's lab’eau project - in order to give the designers as much knowledge as possible about the use of tap water. The resulting designs proved that all designers applied a lot of the information gathered at the lab’eau workshop.
With their designs, they each gave their twist to the idea of sustainability, to the symbolics of pouring water and to the sealing of the carafe, translating the water's connotation of health and reliability.

The professional jury consisted of the organizing team behind the drinKraantjeswater campaign, Jane Withers (design consultant and curator of 1 % water at art centre Z33, from London) and Lili Vanquaethoven (fashion minded housewife who criticizes the use of the carafe in the everyday household). 
The jury based its judgment on several criteria of sustainability: the use of sustainable materials and techniques, a local production, a balance between economical, ecological and social aspects of the design,…

Following designers were selected:

  • Hegge ID (Frans Hegge and Marnix Oosterwelder) 
    The carafe by Hegge ID consists of three volumes, all made of ceramics and referring to the water tower. The three volumes can be combined or can be used separately. The cup can be used both as a closing unit and as a storage module within the carafe. 
    Taste, ergonomics, sustainability and flexible usability on different places and moments of the day (alone or together) are prominent characteristics of the design.
    The content of the volumes is: 0,25, 0,5 and 0,75 liter. They fit perfectly in a fridge or dish washer.
    Hegge ID's website 
  • Linde Hermans
    Dynamics and movement are main features of Linde Hermans' design. This glass carafe has a curved bottom and a rubber ring, making it slightly tumble and turn, without tipping over of course, when you put it on the table. It refers to the strength, to the moving and living aspects of water. The movement is a symbol for the transport of the water out of the soil, through your tap, into your drinking glass. 
    The carafe fits into the fridge, has a volume of 0,75 liter and is dishwasher safe. You can close the carafe by simply putting a drinking glass on top of it.
    Linde Hermans' website 

Until the 5th of July 2010 the public could pick one of both original, practical and sustainable designs in an online poll on drinKraantjeswater.
The winning design, Hegge ID's carafe, was presented on the 14th of July 2010.
The carafe, produced in a limited edition and in a sustainable way, is on sale from December 2010 for little money.