Launch Beyond the Hype

24.11.10 (All day)

We launched the publication of 30 sustainable success stories. You can find the articles on our website and in our newsletter too until February 2012. Do you feel that your company needs to be part of it? Contact us!

Solutions for Tomorrow on the road

16.11.10 - 30.11.10

Solutions for Tomorrow went on the road! Together with Innovatiecentrum and Agentschap Ondernemen, we organised local sessions on sustainability. In November 2010 you could go to a breakfast or lunch sessions in the five Flemish provinces. On the menu: presentations about sustainable materials by OpenRaam, about ecodesign strategies by OVAM and two, fresh sustainable and local sustainable companies talked about their succesful business.

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ECODESIGN, an asset for our companies

01.10.10 - 24.10.10

In the “Halle aux Viandes”, a beautiful 16th century building in the heart of the city, REcentre organized an exhibition on ecodesign strategies. Displaying best practices from the Euregion and neighboring regions, describing the methods and thoughts that gave birth to the showcased projects and illustrating generated added value, the main goal of the exhibition was to make companies, designers and students aware of the many forms sustainability can take.

Sustainability at School 2010-2011

01.09.10 - 01.09.11

REcentre repeated the school projects around new, relevant, and sustainable themes.
In order to generate more economic and market feasible results, the projects were about real questions from real companies. 

In collaboration with external organizations, REcentre wanted to expand the themes, the focus remaining on sustainable challenges relevant to the region.

Milk the Green Cow

01.04.10 - 03.06.10

Milk the Green Cow was a three day conference programme offering companies, designers, organizations the opportunity to hear the viewpoint of renown (international) experts on several sustainability issues and to learn how to think sustainable.

Exhibition ECODESIGN, an asset for our companies

With the ‘Ecodesign’ exhibition REcentre wishes to demonstrate that sustainable products don't have to be boring or ugly. And actually, besides their ecological nature, the exhibited products are also very pleasant and examples of good design: going from a fabulous hybrid sportscar to stylish garden furniture. And even in the smallest room you can 'think' sustainable with the cradle to cradle toilet paper.

Consumers & Sustainability

18.10.10 - 28.02.11

REcentre wants to raise consciousness of sustainability and help companies and designers to give value to their efforts and improvements. REcentre therefore initiated, funded and supervised a market survey on the consumers’ perception of sustainability within the Meuse-Rhine Euregion.