Beyond the Hype - Sustainable Success Stories

09.12.10 - 31.12.11

REcentre publishes sustainable success stories from companies active in diverse sectors (from coffee to chocolate, from radiators to chemistry,...) out of the Meuse-Rhine Euregion. They all have the same vision: sustainability is an economic necessity! This publication showcases good examples of embedding sustainability in the company's strategy.

This book will never be finished. If you or your company has a sustainable vision, please contact and we will send a professional journalist and photographer to register your sustainable success story and publish it on our platform.

If you want to receive a sustainable success story every two weeks in your mailbox, please register for our newsletter on our homepage. The stories will be published on a regular basis on this webspace too. Each article is available in Dutch, French and English.

DOWNLOAD THE ARTICLES HERE in English, in Dutch or in French

  • Sustainable Success Stories in English
  • Success Stories in het Nederlands
  • Sustainable Success Stories en Français

You will find a dictionary between the files on the right side of your computerscreen too. Keep an eye on it!

REcentre made an interactive (and of course sustainable) publication of the success stories, if you want to get hold of a hard copy (it's limited, so be quick), send an e-mail to