REcentre opens temporary park in Maastricht (NL)

After all the inspirational bottom-up projects that were shown (and still are being shown) in our exhibition Re-Action! we decided it is time to take action ourselves!

REcentre will open soon, together with Marres Projects, a temporary park in the city centre of Maastricht.

Market Survey Sustainable Consumer Behaviour

REcentre conducted a large scale market survey on sustainability and sustainable design within the group of products with a longer lifetime and a visible design aspect like interior products and appliances.

The results and the workshops that are organised to apply strategies to develop and promote your sustainable product or service are published here.

Coaching Sessions for Companies

REcentre invests in a coaching trajectory and has invited four companies. These companies have a sustainable concept and a great motivation.

Our activities

REcentre offers companies, designers and schools tools, methods and advice to orient their activities towards a more sustainable outcome.